Episode #31: School Visit Questions with Expert Alexis O'Neill

Are you a teacher? An author? A parent organizer? Tune in for for a Q&A with a school visit expert!

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  Show Notes

Episode #31

Want to keep the convo going? Call my voice mail hotline for questions or feedback: 888-522-1929 NOTE: I’m getting audio clips from people that sound GREAT, recorded via their iPhone or iPod. If you can do that, and email them to me – even better!

This was One of Those Days, technologically speaking. What the heck was going on?! I edited out a screech that nearly blasted out my eardrums, there were echoes I kept hearing (but didn’t hear in the editing) and the voice mail hotline is severely lacking in audio quality, and even in playback there are inconsistencies with the audio levels and I apologize for that. And I don’t know if I’ll continue to use it! If you do have a question in the future and can record it on an ipod or iphone, just email that to me instead, okay? Sounds waaaay better!

For some reason I say “quote unquote” like, 17 times in this episode. I’m tired. What can I say?

In this episode I (or we) talk about:

  • Feedback from the fabulous Barbara McClintock
  • What to do if a host video tapes you without your permission!
  • Alexis’s visit packet which you can see here
  • My visit packet, which you can download here
  • How to get visits once your first book is published
  • How to control a crowd of unruly elementary school children
  • How to connect with schools?
  • Do cold mailings get you gigs?
  • Encouraging long-term relationships with schools
  • How to elicit residencies
  • How to find and/or create a showcase to entice invitations
  • Green promotion?
  • Retaining control of a donated school visit

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