Episode #19 The Good, the Bad, and the Barbie

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Show Notes

Episode #19
Guest: Tanya Lee Stone
Next week: David Ezra Stein (of Interrupting Chicken fame!)

This is a great show! Yes, I’m prejudiced, but c’mon – we talk about…

-how Tanya has written over 90 books for kids (don’t you want to know how?)
-about people who want to mutilate their Barbie dolls (check out this link for more about that from the Body Image Council)
-how one should research a non-fiction book
-plunging vs. plotting and why one might work over another, depending on what kind of book you’re working on
-what Nancy Perl wrote about Almost Astronauts 

Contest alert! Win a Barbie tee shirt, signed by Tanya Lee Stone! The 7th person to retweet my tweet about this podcast after 6am EST wins!

And here is the video I refer to by the Barbie haters (and the song, I found out is Barbie Girl by Aqua)

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