How to Write a Bad Poem

Today’s guest poetry poster is Bobbi Katz!

No time? Write bad haiku!

If you’re in a hurry, there’s nothing faster than writing a bad haiku. Three lines, 17 syllables: What could be easier? The trick is to use the word “nice” in two or more lines! Oh, yes, remember that traditional haiku focus on nature and the seasons. No need to worry. Wherever you are, spring, summer, fall or winter is happening. Don’t waste time trying to find the perfect words. Hurry up!
Write a nice haiku.
Haiku are really cool poems
to write on nice days.

How To Write a Truly Rotten Poem:

Stick with Cliches: Avoid unusual connections, unique metaphors
If you’re up the creek without a paddle
Don’t get down in the dumps
Or start burning your bridges behind you.
Stay busy as a beaver.
There’s no use crying over spilled milk.
Besides, you have other fish to fry
So get busy as a beaver!

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