How To Write Poetry

I am so happy Douglas Florian could join us as a guest poetry poster! He is an amazing artist, and an hysterically funny poet. Just read on, and you’ll see!
Writing poetry’s not hard.
Grow a poetree in your yard.Poetrees
Feed it rhythm.
Feed it rhyme.
Feed it love most all the time.
When the poems are bright and fun
Then you’ll know your job is done.

Poetry writing tips:

1. Study your subject. If you’re writing about bears go to The American Museum of Natural History, a national park, a zoo, or maybe interview some bears in your backyard.
2. Vary your poems. Try different rhyme schemes (ABAB is one of my favorites, where the first line rhymes with the third, and the second line rhymes with the fourth.
3. Use alliteration, where two or more words start with the same sound like lovely little llamas.
4. Use bad spelling or grammar if it’s funny: llovely llittle llamas. That’s poetic license.
5. If a rhyme doesn’t come switch the words around a bit. Use a rhyming dictionary for big rhyming words.
6. Don’t be afraid to make up words. Your a poet, so show it! For example, A big tree is Treemendous! Get imagi-notions.
7. Have fun.
Poetry is important because it’s a terrific use of language and sound and usually meant to be recited.
My favorite childhood poem was written by Ogden Nash:
The trouble with a kitten is that
Eventually it becomes a cat.
I hope you guys enjoy my latest books:
Poem Runs: Baseball Poems (Harcourt)
UnBEElievables: Honeybee Poems and Paintings (Beach Lane Books)
Thanx and Beast wishes,
Douglas Florian

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