Working in the prison

(For privacy reasons, if I refer to any of the women I teach at the prison, I will refer only to their first initials)
S. gave me a copy of her fabulous poem last night. I’d asked her for a copy of it a month ago, and due to the holidays haven’t been to the prison since.
I was impressed and so pleased she remembered! Reading it, I feel chastised for ever doubting my own poetry writing abilities. in other words, if, in such dire circumstances, S. can write such a powerful, expressive poem, I can certainly at least try to rise above my own doubts and tackle poetry!
My positive thought? I get so much more from these women than I ever expected or thought possible. What a lovely thing to learn.
– Posted from my iPhone which is hard to type on so forgive any stupid mistakes. (Hey…wonder if I could use that excuse ALL the time…)

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