As you know, I made a little video about my adventures at BEA, Book Expo America. To see it, click the TV link over there on the left. I asked my fave question of many editors, writers, book bloggers and booksellers. “If you could go to the yard sale of any character in the history of kidlit, whose would you go to, and…what would you buy.” I got some great answers from amaaaazing people, so now I’m trying to think up my next fab-u and funny question for another movie to be shot next week at ALA.
I’ve thought of some questions but they’re mostly pretty lame so, I’m having a contest (my first!). Anyone who sends me a great, funny question that ends up being used in my next video, will win a personalized and signed book plus another secret special surprise! You can submit at my blog, or tweet it to me at KatieDavisBurps (in case you want to tell anyone)!

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