It's Radio Day!

Today on the show I will speak to an old friend, (okay, she’s not that old) author and poet Susan Taylor Brown. Every April is poetry month. This past April, on the 1st, Susan wrote on her blog:

My personal challenge for National Poetry Month is to write a poem a day about the father I have never known. I’m not promising perfect poems but I am promising emotional honesty.

She delivered. We’ll talk about how doing that led her to meet the family she never knew she had, and how her poems helped her heal.

Following Susan is the ever-entertaining Lee Wind. No, I’ve never seen him entertain, but I do read his blog, I’m here. I’m queer. What the hell do I read? We’ll talk about books with great dads in them who happen to be gay and discuss the most challenged book in recent history and there aren’t even any humans in it!

Last but never,ever least, Betsy Bird reviews a book by a woman whose name I want. The book is Knightley Academy, by Violet Haberdasher.

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