What is a Positive Thought?

I told my husband my thought for today would be that I didn’t mess up on my monthly WTNH appearance. Then I corrected myself and said, “No, I’ll say I did great on my appearance!” Then I altered that to, “I’ll do even better next time,” because I really wasn’t thrilled with today’s segment. I stumbled around too much, said “um” a bunch of times and didn’t say a few things I was planning to say about the books I’d brought on.

So Jerry (aforementioned hub) asked whether a positive thought should be in the past tense, or future? Am I going to say something positive about what has already happened or what might happen in the future? What am I doing on this blog with these thoughts, anyway?

I decided that anything positive is a good thing. It encourages me to think positive and I hope it’ll help someone else do so too.

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