Aim High

I couldn’t think of anything to do a poem on today. I am tired. It’s Sunday, after all. So I looked through my post of March 31 (I think it was) and decided to try a nonet, a poem of lines with descending syllables, starting with nine. See what you think.

Aim High

Sundays it’s hard to write a poem
Monday too, but I’m more awake
Tuesday, I will write haiku
Wednesday, a limerick
Thursday’s is unknown
Friday – sonnet?
Ah, ego!
Ha ha

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  • Katie Davis
    April 6, 2008 - 6:20 pm · Reply

    No, I didn’t! Saturday was Bird Dating. 😎

    Trying to trip me up, huh?! Actually, I’ve noticed that Blogger sometimes mis-dates my posts. Weird.


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