Frustration and My Favorite Part About Being An Author

Okay, maybe not my only favorite, but it’s up there. Meeting other authors – see, I can say other authors. I still can’t believe that is my job title. I think it is SO cool when I get to meet authors and illustrators I admire. It’s like I’m a kid again – I would’ve freaked had I met an author when I was a kid. I thought they were movie stars.

Which leads me to the massive frustration I’m having because I’ve been trying for HOURS and HOURS to put up a slideshow here of pictures of me with other authors (okay, and three shots of my dog, but he’s our personal movie star anyway).

If anyone knows how to do this via the “Add a Page Element” thing, I’d love to know. I’ve tried inputting from both a Flickr and Photobucket acct. I’ve tried inputting feed addresses (I get a “no feed loading” thing) and I’ve tried the Photobucket remix thingy. All to no avail.

If you want to see some fun pix, and you know how this works, pleeeeeze tell me!

See you soon,


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  • Felicity
    March 28, 2008 - 8:21 am · Reply

    Well… I don’t know how to do it on blogger (Since I’m a wordpress gal) but I know that if you have a photobucket account, you can put your pictures to a slideshow using Rock You ( After that, I’m not sure what you do in blogger. Sorry I can’t help. 🙁

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