Language Pet Peeve!

I have to say this. I just have to. Even if it makes me sound like a big ‘ole language snob (which I definitely can be. What do you expect from a writer? Not that I don’t make a ton of grammatical mistakes myself, but we weren’t talking about ME!) (Okay, we were but we’re not now).

You know the expression most people say, “To have your cake and eat it too”? Well THAT IS NOT THE CORRECT SAYING! Of COURSE you can have your cake and eat it. That’s why it makes no sense. The expression is actually “To EAT your cake and HAVE it, too” because that would be having it all, eating your cake and also getting to have it. You see why this makes me nuts? Probably not, since it’s a really stupid thing to make someone nuts, but sadly, that is what it is to be me.

So I challenge you to use the correct expression some time in the next week and see if we can change the world’s incorrect usage of this vastly important cliche.

Thank you. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

See you soon,

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