Great Visit To MoCCA!

I’m totally exhausted from the busy day I had, but still buzzed from our trip to MoCCA, the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. This weekend was the annual exhibitor show. Here is how they describe it on their site:

“Meet comics and cartoon artists! Four full ballrooms of cartoonists and publishers! Get sketches and autographs from Bill Sienkiewicz, Joe Staton, Arthur Suydam and others at the MoCCA Fundraising Sketch Table! Buy comics, comix, cartoons, graphic novels as well as prints and original artwork! Sit in on our always entertaining and educational panel sessions!”

I’m so happy Nick Bruel sent me the info on Friday. I guess what I really should say is he gave me the head’s up in the uh, Nick of time…shameless, I am.

Anyway, I bumped into Nick (at a fabulous illustrator event in White Plains, NY which I’ll blog about soon) and told him about how my main character keeps a journal in graphic novel style in The Curse of Addy McMahon. He suggested I go, and so I owe him a solid for that one.

It was a very cool exhibit, though I found the mainstream comics less interesting. The indy artists were definitely the hippest group there – despite the comic geek rep. There were so many different kinds of art – we were able to pick up dozens of minis – mini, xeroxed & stapled comics sometimes sold for a buck, sometimes given away by the artists themselves. I met Evan Dorkin, creator of Fun With Milk & Cheese, which are a very funny duo of R-rated dairy products. I loved listening to him talk about how he turned down wads of cash in order to retain ownership, and therefore purity, of his creations.

I’ll be there exhibiting next year for sure, giving away art from ADDY and plan to have other kitchy stuff, which the guys I talked to said were the most popular.

Maybe you’ll stop by my table?

See you soon,

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