How I See The World

To me, the world is divided between those who love candy, and those who are not tormented daily – nay, hourly – (minute by minute?) at thoughts of “Where can I find my next piece of candy?”

I am telling you, it is torturous to go into a bank. There are actually people who have – gasp – candy-filled bowls sitting right on their coffee tables, like they are decor or some sick thing like that. I know for sure this is true because every time I went to Deena Teschner’s house, there it was. I remember that. I do. I see it still.

Then there are the sick-o minds that set up a dental office next door to The Candy Wall (see the photo?) The CANDY WALL?

That is my positive thought of the day. A wall made entirely of candy.

Tonight I go to the prison to teach. One woman wrote a story about going to a candy-lined store, and that is a story I can relate to. A+++++ for her.

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