My Year of Positive Thinking, The Sequel

I started this year with my 50th birthday. I had just broken my nose, and my back had gone out for our annual ski trip to Vt. xmas week, there were money issues and bad thoughts and fear so I decided 2009 would be my year of positive thinking. I would write one positive thought down every day in a new journal I’d gotten for my bday. However it so quickly turned into such tough year (for so many people) that after about Jan 15, the notebook remained as empty and white as a freshly snowed field waiting for footprints.

I had an idea in the middle of last night that I would re-up my Year of Positive Thinking for 2010. I like the sound of TwentyTen. It’s an even number, and I like even numbers, don’t ask me why. It’s a new decade and I like that too.

But I digress. I’m skipping the notebook (soooo last century) and committing to writing a positive thought on my blog every day. That right there is my positive thought for today and it’s not even next year yet.

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  • readerbuzz
    January 10, 2010 - 11:48 am · Reply

    Your blog was recommended to me by an author friend. I do like it. I will add it to my weekly reads.

    I'm working on happiness, too. I started out this year by reading The Happiness Project. I am going to reread it today, and this time, I'll take a few notes.

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