New Year's Resolutions

Usually I only make Thanksgiving resolutions, however, I feel this year will be fabulous and wanted to honor that with some resolve. I had one of my I’m On A Mission From God moments the other day. I had one when I had the sudden urge to paint pottery, and so formed my company, Dirty Dishes oh-so-many years ago. My most recent urge was to feel the drag of paper under a rapidograph pen. I saw an illustration of a chicken and POW! I needed to draw on something other than the computer. I trekked to Pearl Paints yesterday (Note To Self: do NOT try that on New Years Eve ever again) and bought myself a few-days-early birthday present of a new Rapidograph set, Doc Martin’s Inks, which I have no idea how to use, new brushes and a fresh pad of bristol paper. Gotta love those kinds of resolutions, huh?

Okay, my other one is to blog more regularly and when – I mean IF – I don’t, not to guilt myself out.

See you soon,

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