Reach Your Goals with a Positive Visualization Board

This was my Positive Visualization Board from 2009. Two things I hoped for came to pass so I am making my bigger and better 2010 board now.
The two things that came true were an unexpected trip to see my brother all the way across the country and the sale to Simon and Schuster/McElderry of the picture book I did with my husband Jerry, called Little Chicken’s Big Day (nee Big Chicken), which will come out Spring 2011 (aka SOON in publishing parlance).
All you need is some poster board, or even a big piece of paper and some magazines or photos. It’s also really fun to use photoshop and it’s an even stronger prompt to help visualize things. For example, I photoshopped a picture of Malia Obama holding my middle grade novel, The curse of Addy McMahon, and another shot of me with that novel sitting next to Al Roker.
It’s not magic. Anyone can make things happen. I think if you have a board like this and keep it where you can see it every day it will sink in subconsciously and perhaps feed the urge to spend time or keep your mind open to these goals. And seeing things stuck to a board makes it more real.
Last year I stopped adding to it. I’m going to add to my new one as the months go by and if you promise to share what dreams of yours come true from your PVB, I will keep you posted as to which of my dreams come true, too!

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