THE Most Gorgeous Library!

I live in a small town in a big county. We have a beautiful, though teeny library. It’s quite charming, as it’s in an old clapboard house. I love walking in and having the librarians greet me by name, or walk upstairs to the warren of rooms filled with books and magazines. I have to give it its props, but it is limited by its size.

Today, my husband, Jerry, and I had a meeting at the Bronxville Public Library. Here it is, in our very own county, yet we had no idea it was such an incredible place. We both exclaimed as we walked in, as it feels as though you’re entering a grand hotel, except it’s filled with shelves and shelves of tantalizing books. There is a sweeping staircase with one of those thick, wide, dark wood bannisters, and on the first landing, there’s a huge grandfather clock from 1942, complete with charming color illustration in the face.

When you reach the top of the wide staircase, you enter what feels like a living room, with fresh white chair railings and above that, a beautiful creamy blue print wallpaper. Comfy chairs surround a little seating area just past a glass case with a page from – get this – the Gutenberg bible! I stammered as I asked the librarian, “Is that…is that really…” It was pretty astounding.

The children’s rooms are HUGE! There were kids all over the place, having fun, making some noise, and all I kept thinking was of my own childhood, being shushed to death in the library. This place was bubbling with kids loving books. There is even a dedicated teen room, where there were actual live teenagers, slouched in comfy chairs, reading (those things – the chairs, not the teens – were everywhere, inviting readers to hang and dive into a good book). And the teen section lends xbox games…get those kids in with bait, and hook ’em with a good book! A great plan.

See you soon,

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