Google Plus Training with Stephan Hovnanian Part 1

Brain Burps About Books Podcast #182

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In the week’s episode you’ll hear:

The Change Your Name Store by Leanne Shirtliffe
Parenting  Adventures with Michael Stelzner

In The Interview with Stephan Hovnanian You’ll Hear About
  • the basics of Google+.
  • why you should be on Google+.
  • how a Google Hangout On Air can help your YouTube stats.
  • your advantage as a writer on Google+.
  • how Google Hangouts can be used on your other platforms.
  • using your brand voice.
  • how I met Stephan while researching the second edition of How to Promote Your Children’s Book.

Google+ Expert Stephan Hovnanian
Stratgies for Posting and Sharing on Google Plus by Stephan Hovnanian
How to Get More Visibility on Google Plus by Stephan Hovnanian
How to Bring Your Audience to Google Plus by Stephan Hovnanian
Strategies for Managing Your Google+ Circles by Stephan Hovnanian
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