Video Idiot Boot Camp Launches Mid May!

This may look like the same video as before, but it’s not…watch to get more details on exactly what you’ll learn in the course and see a cameo by a special guest star!
Go here to sign up for the pre-launch list and don’t forget, it doesn’t obligate you to take the course – all it does is make you eligible  for the big pre-launch discount! And if you’re on the list, you’ll be notified about when I announce the webinars where I’ll be teaching allllll about how to create videos. It’ll be VIBC Lite!
Video Idiot Boot Camp Launches Mid May – I’ll announce the exact day this week.

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  • Jenny Tavernier
    May 3, 2013 - 7:10 pm · Reply

    I am way behind, but am finding I really need to know this stuff.
    But, budget for me is so tight both sides are rubbing themselves raw.
    I Would love to know (more readable about) info:
    What I am going to be looking at price-wise? (Discount and reg price?)
    Time involved, (and if so can it be at one’s own pace?)
    What beginning equipment MUST one have?-
    I have a tower with xp, I have a Lumix easy digi-shot camera, it makes movies (though I have NO idea how to do that).
    I do not have a web cam,
    I do have a microphone jack.
    I have PaintshopPro, (graphics) -but no editing gear that I know of. I can do animations in paintshop pro – (badly). lol
    Would love some more data/info sheet.
    I am already sold on the necessity! And I have to start making vid. tutorials for a wool/loom class, so vids ARE getting vital, besides writing!
    I am clueless from the ground up on this. The timing is perfect. (And I saw the intro/jazzed review of Julie Hedlund!)
    Thank you!
    Jen Tavernier
    I have no blog or website yet.
    But! I do have an email address! (pretty bad huh?) lol (and fb)
    lyricdancer88 @ (remove spaces) (signed up and confirmed email) Thanks!

    • Katie
      May 3, 2013 - 8:01 pm · Reply

      Jen, I promise I will answer this in detail but I’m at a conference and the answer will be long and I only have my phone! I will tell you the full price will be AT LEAST $50 more.

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