Excitement to Write!

I love when this happens. I’m feeling all grouchy because there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done. Huh? That makes me happy?

Well, it means I’m excited by my work, and that is what I love. I’m turned on by the fact that my husband Jerry and I are working on a follow up to Little Chicken’s Big Day and it’s coming out great. We also have a FABulous and very fun marketing package and suggestion list for our publisher for LCBD and I have finally made headway on my very early graphic … novel? Reader? I have no idea what to call it. But it’s coming, after slogging through draft after draft. I’ve got high hopes about my weird book, Chickpea, and well, I won’t flog you with the rest.

Here’s the other part of it…I’ve been using my positive thinking allllll the time. I feel like it’s really working on my outlook and it isn’t easy but I am plowing ahead.

Sheesh. What a rant. I gotta go work.

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