Grammar Pet Peeves

I understand that language is a living thing, subject to change as we humans use it. But in the last decade or so, it seems to me that proper grammar has gone the way of typewriters. I think it’s because of email. It’s become such an informal way communicate, that I receive requests for advice on writing that are littered with typos, bad grammar and faulty punctuation. Believe me, I am no saint when it comes to form, and thank God for copyeditors. I misuse lay just as much as the next person (however that’s not one of my peeves!) But if I were (not ‘was’ because it’s contrary to fact.) writing to a writer for writing advice, I’d make sure to approach him or her (not ‘them’) with respect for the language.
We mortals are not alone. I was watching the news and was shocked to hear the newscaster say, “Thank you for speaking to John and I…” when it should be “John and me“. Thank you for speaking to me. Not “thank you for speaking to I”. This mistake sends me around the bend.
I am no grammarian and I state this because I just know I’m going to get called on something! So stating it is like touching home base – I call I’m SAFE! But I have my pet peeves. I can’t help it! But why focus on the negative when there are fantastic sites to help all of us with our grammatical mistakes? Check out Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing.

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