Write 12 Picture Books in 12 Months!

If you want to get the motivation to write 12 picture book drafts this year, you have this last day to join 12 x 12! Today is the LAST day! Click here to join over 450 others. check out the video at the bottom to see what others have said!
Join over 450 members by clicking here. Members of 12 x 12 and get access to all the benefits of a writer’s conference — learning from experts, craft advice and assistance, the fellowship of community and the opportunity to submit completed, polished manuscripts — without having to travel. You’ll get the motivation and accountability you need to get those drafts finished, all with the support of the friendliest writing community on earth.
12 x 12 is a global community, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
If you join, you will be encouraged and supported as you attempt to write one picture book draft a month, AND to revise one and submit one manuscript as additional, optional goals. There will of course be more outstanding featured authors giving away fabulous prizes that will help you in your craft. Finally — in addition to the Facebook group — we have a brand new online forum that’s already buzzing with activity as members share information and critique each other’s work.
Here are the three membership levels for 2013, including the features for each. Were you a member of 12 x 12 in 2012? If so, go to this page for information about Charter Membership levels for 2013.
Margaret Wise BRONZE — Write.
In the great big Internet, there is a writing group, where folks commune, and write picture books like — A Dog Jamming on the Bassoon…
If what you need is the motivation to get your drafts written, along with the accountability of a deadline and the company of a community of writers dedicated to improving their craft, this level is for you!
Join the Margaret Wise BRONZE by clicking here! It includes:

  • Full access (view and post) to the Main 12 x 12 Forum and Critique Connect (where you can find critique partners)
  • Access to the members-only 12 x 12 Facebook Group
  • Ability to view the Events, Member Books, Videos/Trailers and Help An Author Out (HAAO) sections of the 12 x 12 Forum
  • Opportunity to win craft-related prizes from the monthly featured authors

Join the Margaret Wise BRONZE by clicking here.

  • $39 as a one-time annual fee
  • Four quarterly payments of $12 for a total of $48 for the year

Join the Shel SILVERstein by clicking here.

Need some help, but going without?
Writing makes you scream and shout?
Put down your pen and sign up now.
12 x 12 will show you how,
When you’re feeling plagued with doubt
A support group’s what it’s all about.
Perhaps you already have a stockpile of manuscripts drafted, and you would like to challenge yourself to revise some of them while also writing new ones. The Shel SILVERstein level gives you the ability to get feedback on YOUR work – queries, pitches and manuscripts — perfect for writers want to focus on both writing and revising.
Shel SILVERstein is also perfect for agented, published authors who would like access to an instant platform. A place to share your books, events, trailers AND to get promotion assistance (in the Help an Author Out section of the Forum) from fellow members.
Shel SILVERstein includes:

  • Everything in the Margaret Wise BRONZE Level, but with full (view and post) access to the Events, Member Books, Video/Trailers and HAAO sections of the 12 x 12 Forum
  • FULL (view and post) access to these additional sections of the 12 x 12 Forum: Query Corner (get feedback on your query letters), Pitch Perfect (get feedback on loglines and pitches), and Manuscript Makeover (get feedback on the first 250 words of your ms)

Payment options for Shel SILVERstein

  • $79 as a one-time annual fee
  • Four quarterly payments of $22 each for a total of $88 for the year

Little GOLDen Book — Write, Revise, Submit
You’re no Poky Little Puppy. Your manuscripts aren’t Saggy, Baggy like an Elephant. You might even have a Monster at the End of Your Book who is going to become the next best-loved character in picture books.
Do you have submission-ready manuscripts? Are you looking for an agent or editor (who accepts picture books!) for your work? If so, Little GOLDen Book is for you! Each month, one agent or editor will accept submissions from 12 x 12 members for the duration of that month, enabling you to bypass the slush pile.*
Little GOLDen Book includes:

  • Everything in the Shel SILVERstein Level
  • Access to the Submission Station section of the 12 x 12 Forum, which will provide information about that month’s agent or editor and instructions on how to submit to him or her.
Here are just a few of the agents who’ve agreed to take submissions from 12 x 12 members:
  • Stephen Fraser, Jennifer Di Chiara Agency
  • Tricia Lawrence, Erin Murphy Literary Agency
  • Susan Hawk, Jenny Bent Agency
  • Jennifer Mattson, Andrea Brown Literary Agency
  • Elena Mechlin, Pippin Properties

Payment options for Little GOLDen Book

  • $125 as a one-time annual fee
  • Four quarterly payments of $34 each for a total of $136 for the year

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