World Read Aloud Day

What a crazy week, what with getting this new site in working order, and preparing for my upcoming series, 30 Days to a Book Launch, starting Monday and last but definitely not least, World Read Aloud Day. Before it’s too long past, I wanted to show some pictures from one of the schools I Skyped with on WRAD.
Thank you to all the schools who hosted me for letting me share this exciting day!
And, I got a lovely thank you note that I’m too excited about not to share! It makes me feel good every time I read it!
WOW! That was the BEST Skype session ever! On behalf of 61 third-graders, a principal, three teachers, and about 5 other adults in the room, I want to personally THANK YOU for making our World Read Aloud day so very special.
We loved doing an “author study” about you and your bright, creative, and funny books. The kids (and I) were thrilled to meet you face to face and have the opportunity to learn from an author. One of them mentioned that you look much younger on screen than you do on your book jackets. Ha! Thought you’d appreciate that. It was such a special treat to have you read your new book to us. It is hilarious, and I know the majority of my class with be buying it come April!
Thank you, again, for inspiring young minds to read and keep writing! It was an absolute pleasure and I hope you’ll consider it again in the future.
With gratittude,

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