Day 1: 30 Days to a Book Launch: It Begins!

My husband, Jerry, is a feature animation producer at Blue Sky Studios. He produced Robots and worked on lots of fabulous other animated movies including the first Ice Age, Toy Story, and my personal favorite, The Iron Giant.

The Iron Giant holding Hogarth

The Iron Giant holding Hogarth

An early sketch of Rodney from Robots by Peter DeSeveEarly Sketch of Rodney from Robots

In spring of 2009 he said to me, “There’s this guy at the office, who, whenever I ask him for something, says ‘Yeah, I hear ya cluckin’, Big Chicken.’ I think there’s a book in that, and you should write it.”
I looked at him and said, “Yeah, yeah, I hear ya cluckin’, Big Chicken!” Which, translated, means, “I have my own books to work on, why don’t you write it?”
So he did. And he was kind enough to let me illustrate it. And now, 30 days from today, our new book, Little Chicken’s Big Day, will have its “book birthday.”
Little Chicken's Big DayAs this isn’t my first walk around the barnyard, I knew we’d need to start about six months to a year before the book came out to promote it. I feel particularly protective of this book, since it’s my husband’s first, and anyway, look how sweet and vulnerable that little chick is! So as a lead up to April 19, 2011, I decided I’d put together 30 articles to help others launch and promote their books, and in doing so, I would create some momentum for our book, too. Reciprocity rocks!
But this won’t just be about how to push your book. I’ve learned so much over the last (gulp!) 15 years in this business, and I want to share my lessons with you, the dos and don’ts and my best ideas and strategies. My strongest belief is that whatever marketing efforts you do, it has to be genuine. Connecting with people – online or off – just to market yourself or so they’ll help you will do you no good. Even if you do get a lift from the connection, it’ll be a one-time thing and won’t be the kind of solid foundation layering that will set you up for the long run of your career.
Be honest and be genuine. Being just about your book doesn’t work – at least not for me. Remember that reciprocity really does rock and it’s good for one’s karmic bank account.
I have a slew of great ideas, stories and examples from other children’s writers and illustrators, those dos and don’ts to share, and even some homework assignments for you to help focus your efforts. I hope it helps you over the course of the next month!
Get ready. First up tomorrow? Brainstorming.

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  • Hope
    March 21, 2011 - 2:39 pm · Reply

    Katie! Love the new website! Today I loved revisiting Little Chicken’s genesis story. Cluck, cluck, horray for one of my favorite writer chicks!

    • katie
      March 21, 2011 - 3:13 pm · Reply

      Thanks, Hope! Wooboy, there is a lot going on these days for me! Did you see my new video FAQs on the writer page? If you have a suggestion for me, I’d be happy to use it and credit you, of course! Reciprocity rocks!

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