Busy Summer!

I’ve been posting less frequently in the last couple of weeks – except the podcast. But I’ve been busy!And today I just hired a contractor on eLance.com, which I’ve mentioned before. I’ve also hired an assistant! Her name is Kelli and so far she’s amazing! She is a VA – Virtual Assistant, so she lives nowhere near me. I’m really excited about gearing up with her. The contractor I hired will be transcribing the 13 most popular podcasts for an eBook and possibly paper book.
I’m also working on an online 6 week  booktrailer course! I plan on having Q&A webinars twice a month to help people too. I’m really excited about all this hubub, bub.
If you want to be kept up to date, sign up for my email list to the right. I’m starting to send out tips and sources, too. There’ll be lots of new things coming down the pike!

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