Top Five Ways to NOT Sell Yourself

I just got an email from someone trying to get me to hire her. Yes, it’s probably from some mass list but I get these kinds of emails all the time. These top five ways to not sell yourself seem obvious, but since I do receive these kinds of emails frequently, I’m going to list them here anyway.
1. If you are going for the personal touch in hopes your addressee actually reads your pitch, make sure you have his or her name right.
Real Life Example:
“Hello Davis, Katie,”
2. If you’re writing to a writer for writing advice – or to be hired as a copyeditor for a bog (sic) I’m pretty sure you have a better chance if you do not send a letter full of typos and misspeelllings. 😉
Real Life Example:
“…. I can also write copyscape proof content for your website or bog at $10 per page of 500 words.”
3. If you guarantee something, give an example of how and why you are doing so especially if you’re promising something heretofore impossible!
Real Life Example:
“The articles are … plagiarism proof and …”
4. If you are promising “simple English” then make sure your pitch is in simple English. Better yet, make sure it’s well written, uses consistent, correct spelling, and stats are backed up.
Real Life Example:
“…the content is thoroughly researched to ensure accurate information. They are informative, copy scape proof & most importantly in simple English as this is the core requirement since 90% readers prefer simple reading.”
5. When making a pitch, focus on one thing. Give one ask, one call to action. If you are asking a question, try to only ask one. If you are pitching your fabulous copy skills, don’t then, in a last minute ditch effort, also offer something different.
Real Life Example:
“Should you want a reliable hosting account, the we have services starting at $3.33 per month. In addition if you want to see some of my writing logo design or website samples, please do ask for them. I assure you of quality work and do look forward to hearing from you.

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