VideoMakerFX Testimonials – What My Students Have Said

When VideoMakerFX came out I bought it for $38. Now it’s up to $62. They keep raising the price. Why? It’s a marketing ploy. It’s a smart marketing ploy. They gave their early adopters a low price. Lots of people got on board and were rewarded with a low price. Take note, you can still buy it before it goes up to full price, but hurry, because they keep inching it up and up!
And if you get  the Pro Themes add-on membership, you get my bonus of my How to Create a YouTube Channel video which I sell here in the Success Store for $97! (If you have any problems downloading it, send your receipt to and we’ll take care of it from our end).
Here are some verbatim VideoMakerFX testimonials from my video students who bought it, the good and the bad.

  • Sara Lynn Eastler I love how quickly I am able to put together video without having to shoot and modify with a typical video editor software program. But hands down the best part is that I can drag and drop animated slides together, reorder them with a click, customize them, and play the entire video in progress to see my preview instantly! When I complete a video, it renders very quickly in the right format for sharing and there’s NO WATERMARK! The video is literally all mine. And no monthly fees! It’s brilliant to have a software that works the way our minds do, especially those of us who have been spoiled with iTechnology. My only regret is that I didn’t spring for the pro package when I had the chance. I needed to see what it could first and now that I have…I wish I had the extra options.
  • Denis Shuker Love the program — great to use and gives spectacular results. I’ve had problems with exporting it ready to upload. The guys at VideoMakerFX said they working on a fix (2 weeks ago). It’s a snip at the price.
  • Catherine Johnson It is the best video making software out there for completely untechy people. So easy to use with great results.

Click here if you want to buy it now before they raise the price. And don’t forget to get the membership plan to get my bonus.
The links here are referral links. That means I’ve told you about something I’m very impressed with. I’ve ONLY told you about it because I’m impressed. If you decided to purchase what I’ve recommended, I’ll get a referral fee.).

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