Do This Kindle Challenge with Me (Led by Kristen Eckstein)

Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend. Did you have a good one? I took two whole days off. I don’t usually do that. But I really felt I needed to allow my brain to rest. My back’s been out of whack, too, and I just had to refresh everything.

One way I’m going to refresh is through a writing challenge. I’ve never done one! Not NaNoWriMo, or PiBoIdMo, or any of the myriad others out there, though I’ve often been tempted.

Do this Kindle Challenge with me. It’s run by Kindle publishing expert, Kristen Eckstein, the woman who helped me with Little Chicken’s Big Christmas and influenced the way I published my Kindle book, How to Promote Your Children’s Book: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Create a Bestseller.

That eBook earned me $1,082 in 47 days and allows me to call myself a #1 Amazon bestselling author.

So I definitely want to write another!

C’mon, do this Kindle Challenge with me!

It’s a month-long event, with live calls that’ll keep you focused and working. You’ll come out of it with a new work ethic, new writing friends and partners, and know all about writing for Kindle––my goal is to create another income stream, and maybe you will too!

You’ll get 50% off if you use this coupon code to join: 50k30  But make sure to use it by by June 4, midnight ET! Maybe watch the replay of the webinar Kristen and I did and see if you’d benefit––I signed up and I was the HOST of the thing!

You can view it by clicking here (the challenge sign up button is there, too).

(The links here are referral links. That means I’ve told you about something I’m very impressed with. I’ve ONLY told you about it because I’m impressed. If you decided to purchase what I’ve recommended, I’ll get a referral fee.)


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