Lazy Summer or Not? You Be the Judge

I know. I’ve been really bad this summer with my blogging sked. I’ve been having a lovely lazy summer.

Wait. Let me rephrase that. I’ve been working a lot, doing signings and visiting my kids at camp, and trying to get the word out about my novel. I went to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard for vacation and while there had a signing every other day either at libraries or stores. While on Martha’s Vineyard I went into a fabulous little children’s bookstore called Riley’s Reads. The place was packed and yet the owner still took time to talk to me at length about my books and how much she liked them. It was a fantastic ego booster!

Earlier in the summer I went out to LA for BEA and got to see some writer pals. Here is Kerry Madden, with sunglasses (so glam!)

I also met up with the ever fabulous Paula Yoo who, as you can see,
is always in constant motion.
I keep telling her if you’re going to write for kids, you really need to do a gross boys book and have your nom de plume be P. Yoo. I’d do it even on girly girl books!

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