File Under Oh Why Didn't I Think Of That?

Just now, as I was making my world famous cold sesame noodles (for a rained out 4th of July concert on the green that ain’t gonna happen), I was listening to NPR when a story came on about a brilliant idea a woman named Shannon MacDonald had. She started a business called Bit O’ Lit. It’s a newsletter service that provides excerpts of books (with the support of the publishers) in the form of a booklet. They are then distributed on the Washington subway and bus system for people to read while they commute.
It’s a brilliant idea for all involved. The pubs get the word out on new authors and books, the commuters who forgot their book at home get something free (yes, FREE) to read besides the ads on the train, and Bit O’ Lit supports literacy and struggling writers (ahem) to get the word out on the book nearest and dearest to their hearts.
Now if we can just convince Ms. MacDonald to start a Bit O’ Lit in NYC…

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