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I never had a collection I was passionate about. And I never realized I had a collection until recently when I was overjoyed to add something to a collection I didn’t even know I had. I was driving past a hair salon when I yelped with joy. There, just in front of the building, was the salon’s name. This one was the worst yet (hence, the best). It was called…are you ready? Wait for it…wait for it…
A Breath of Fresh Hair!
Seriously. I kid you not. That is what they named their business. The place they work every day. The place where they want people to come to trust them enough to have their hair cut and styled.
Yes, I am a collector. A collector of badly punned hair salon names. I always thought I was alone in this, but of course, I googled it, and came across other odd folks who have the same passion as I. I found the usual Cutting Edge, and Great Lengths. There is even a Flickr page devoted to shots of signs of punny salons.
Some of my faves are:
-Shear Delight (“Shear” something is a common one, for obvious reasons – Shear Bliss, etc.)
-Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
-The groomer that comes to you: Hairs To You

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  • Betsy Loren
    January 30, 2009 - 5:28 am · Reply

    It has been a while since you posted this. Perhaps your interest has dampened. But nevertheless I share your hobby and here are some of my favorites taken from

    Continental Plaits
    Whole Lotta Stylin’ Goin’ On
    Nearer My Shears to Thee
    Funny How Hair Slips Away
    Where Do You Want Your Hair to Go Today?
    Extensive Possibilities
    Your Hair Deserves a Better Idea

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