Readers Theaters Get Raves

I got a lovely note from a teacher who took the Readers Theater scripts I provided on my site and I think the students did an amazing job! Readers Theaters are just plays the kids can put on while reading their lines…I think this creative teacher put their lines on the insides of the masks! Brilliant! The kids read, they act out the book, and expand their experience of a book.
Mrs. Nicaj wrote, “Inspired by your books, Mrs. Goldstein’s 1st grade students were up for the challenge of performing a Reader’s Theater play with me (Mrs. Nicaj, I’m their library media specialist). The students worked in groups on different Reader’s Theater adaptions for the books: Mabel the Tooth Fairy, We Hate to Go to Bed, and The Cow Who Hopped. They practiced their lines using some of the comical expressions and feelings they felt Katie Davis intended when writing her books. Check out the student creations below….”
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