NJSCBWI and a New Research App for Writers

Brain Burps About Books Episode #185

NJSCBWI and a New Research App for Writers

An interview with the creator of TiloTag

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Today’s sponsor is Video Idiot Boot Camp and as a bow to that, I’ve created a new free mini-course called How to Use Screenflow which you can find at ScreenflowDemo.com.
I have a whole slew of guests in this episode! In part one I asked everyone I saw at NJ SCBWI 2014 the same question,
“If you could get lost in any children’s book, which book would it be, and why?”
Below are the writers who answered. You’ll have to listen to find out the fun responses!
In part two I have Ray Briant, a firefighter who invented an app that will be an amazing research tool for writers, and history teaching tool for educators. Listen and see if you can resist helping Ray’s Kickstarter for his app TiloTag get funded!
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  • Kat Yeh
  • Christine Norris
  • Joyce Wan
  • Natalie Zamen
  • Charlotte Bernardo
  • Ame Dykeman
  • Adam Lehrhaupt
  • Tara Lazar
  • Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
  • Stacey Wilk
  • Julie Hedlund

Check out my new FREE mini-course, How to Use Screenflow which you can find at ScreenflowDemo.com.
Here’s a video on what could be a New Research App for Writers:

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