Holiday Replay: How to Promote Your Book

Brain Burps About Books Podcast #208

Holiday Replay: How to Promote Your Book

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2015 Motivator and Planner

This week authors share their fails, successes, and ideas, so listen up!
  • Uma Krishnaswami direct from India!
  • Chris Cheng talks about python massages
  • Loreen Leedy talks about promoting and making money at the same time here
  • Darcy Pattison talks about creating book trailers with help from this site
  • Editor Deborah Halverson reveals her big fail that happened with her own book
  • Julie Hedlund stumbled upon a great way to pre-promote for the time she gets published
  • Elizabeth O. Dulemba talks about how she’s gotten over 3 million hits on her site in the last 2 years
  • Dan Santat talks about his unique and indy-supporting win-win-win idea
  • Elizabeth Stevens’ gets published authors to tell about their big failures and fakes me out in the interview!
  • Christine Fonseca talks about her greatest…you’ll have to listen to hear!


Sometimes I’ll tell you about something that has impressed the heck out of me. If you decide to purchase what I’ve recommended, you do not pay any more but I’ll get a referral fee. But I will only¬†use a referral (or affiliate) link if it has earned my trust.

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