Turn Your Kindle Fails Into Kindle Sales

Brain Burps About Books Podcast #235

Turn Your Kindle Fails Into a Kindle Sale

An interview with Kindle Expert Dave Chesson

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Turn your #Kindle fails into Kindle
BBAB #235 - Dave Chesson

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This week’s guest is Dave Chesson!

Dave Chesson
This week’s guest is Dave Chesson. Dave’s a best selling author and lead editor at kindlepreneur.com. He focuses on advanced online marketing tactics for authors and self publishers. While in the Navy, Dave spent his nights working on his other business: book marketing and online marketing.  He started by creating niche websites, and earning advertisement and affiliate commissions.  After spending years practicing and learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as more of an obsession than a hobby, he quickly expanded his website arsenal to 27 different sites, all of which are used for different online purposes and endeavors. But it wasn’t until Dave discovered self-publishing on Amazon that he kicked it into the next gear. Between his SEO knowledge & website development experience with Kindle Direct Publishing, Dave will help you turn your Kindle fails into Kindle sales!
Dave and I talk about

  • Why authors hate “keywords.”
  • How SEO can work for you.
  • Thinking of Google as the only search engine. (HINT: Don’t!)
  • How to find your best keywords.
  • When should you do your keyword research.
  • Dave’s in-depth article on finding keywords. Read it HERE.
  • Our one month experiment with How To Promote Your Children’s Book.
  • How to dovetail your current ebooks into sales of future books.
  • His awesome widget, below. You can embed it on your own site by doing a search for “Kindle” in plugins in your WordPress site.
  • Find Dave at http://Kindlepreneur.com.
  • See Dave Keynote at the Traffic Generation All Stars Virtual Summit!
  • Here is the code for the awesome widget Dave invented

Dave Chesson Experiment1b


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