Day 22: Shine the Power of YouTube on You, Too!

Why should the cute babies, stupid cat burglers, and people doing things they shouldn’t (back to the stupid cat burglers) get all the attention? You can easily harness the power of this incredible social media site for the benefit of your business. It’s easy to forget that YouTube is yet another social media site, isn’t it? But that’s exactly what it is.
There are a few ways to use YouTube to enhance your business. Remember, too, YouTube isn’t the only video site out there, though sometimes it certainly seems that way! In fact, on Teachertube I’ve had almost 20,000 views of my videos, which is tens of thousands more than on YouTube! But we’ll talk about the behemoth for this instance.
In my research I learned how to link a video I’ve uploaded to YouTube, and to add “talking bubbles,” which as anyone who has ever read any of my books knows, I rely on for communicating subtopics and tangential information. What could be better?
Power-invoking Step by step process to enhance your videos on YouTube:

  1. Log into your channel.
  2. Look at the “video Owner Options.”
  3. Hit “video annotations.”
  4. See lower left where there is a speech bubble icon and two other icons. You can also add a note or a spotlight.
  5. Type in your message. Select time within movie you want that message to start.
  6. Preview.
  7. Play around with the speech bubble “tail.”

Check out how I utilized the power of this enhancement here, but make sure to watch till the end for the insertion of the link, because that’s the way you can get more people to go to your channel!
Here is a video of how I learned to do all this.


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