Day 23: Book Trailers

To celebrate today, the debut of dunt da daaaa … the book trailer for Little Chicken’s Big Day, I’m posting other videos I love too. But first, our own Little Chicken.

Once again I am invoking the name of Darcy Pattison, who has not only helped by advising me on when to upload my video to YouTube and other video sites, but liked my trailer so much that she asked if she could use it in a speech, which means more views for it. She also wrote about why she thinks it succeeds on her blog.
Before you grab your popcorn to watch the trailers below, Darcy has a final caution: “Please keep a copy of your book trailer! Back it up onto a flash drive or burn it on a DVD (if your software allows). I’m doing several presentations on book trailers this year and have asked a couple authors for copies of their trailers to use in the presentations. Why don’t I just copy it from YouTube? According to their user agreement, YouTube doesn’t allow you to copy a video; it’s wise, because this prevents copyright problems. And, I don’t want to rely on an internet connection during a presentation; it’s risky. Instead, I needed a copy that I could load onto my computer and use. Several authors no longer had copies of their videos. They had either lost them in a computer crash, or simply lost track of them. Keep copies! You should be using them off-line as much as online!”
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Here is Darcy’s trailer for the paperback version of her fantasy novel, The Wayfinder

A trailer doesn’t always have to be about the book, and in fact, often a follow up to the trailer could be a related, more information-based video. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be funny. Or in Libba’s case, hysterically funny.

This one has an unfair advantage, since the author is also an actor whose voice you’ll probably recognize if you ever watched the Sopranos!

Of course I love this…

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