Episode #136 – The Most Powerful Productivity Tip | Thanks to Pat Flynn

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Today’s show includes a review from Julie Falatko of Andrew Henry’s Meadow by Deloris Burn

Today I’ve got a call to action for you. Many of my listeners, students, and consultation clients, (as well as myself!) have found balance to be a challenge. How can we do it all? I can’t! There are so many things I want to be doing. I thank Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income for his episode on this very subject for giving me the challenge to attempt this! As usual, he inspires, encourages, and teaches me to work smarter and I highly recommend you follow and listen to him.
In this episode you’ll hear the best productivity tip, and I challenge you to attempt it, as I am! We shall see if I succeed, and I want to know if you do, too!
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  • Taurean Watkins
    May 30, 2013 - 6:06 am · Reply

    Hi Katie,
    As you said in this episode, it’s so hard to find balance, especially when things we both need and want to do for our writing careers coming crashing down on top of us, and while we do our best to stay positive and productive as possible, sometimes we need to stop, assess how much we’re really accomplishing well, and scale back where appropriate/possible.
    My three major tasks for the summer above all else (outside any unforeseen life/tech happens issues that I need to address, finish drafting my new novel, revise my welcome video as needed, and blog at least once a week, though I’d later like to increase from there)
    Everything else I fit in when I can.
    I wouldn’t ever laugh at you or anyone who makes an effort to improve themselves, even if it doesn’t work out the first few or more times. The fact you’re admitting this to yourself and publicly shows that, to me, anyway.
    Besides, you did a similar thing when you halted the podcast for a few months to launch VIBC, and prior to Julie Hedlund’s debut on Brain Burps in Jan. 2012 (Ep. #78) – I listen to that episode every time I need reminding of being patient with myself)
    I struggle with sticking to one thing, too, though for me it’s lack of discipline and trying to overtax my ability to achieve more than I can, even though I don’t want to miss out on opportunities that will help my writing career.
    That said, while I agree with Pat that pre-planning isn’t always the faster, more efficient way (Something my grandmother and I, much as I love her, disagree on…), but for those taking VIBC as I did, that doesn’t mean story-boarding your video and scripting aren’t good to do,
    Especially if like me, brevity is your nemesis, which those who follow my blog site know all too well. On the positive side, now that I have a better understanding of creating videos, I can create short videos alongside my Those who are time-starved can watch those and keep up with the news and tidbits I share in my longer blog posts.
    It’s a great way to balance my more chatty blogging style, but still keep my proverbial on-the-go jet setter readers engaged faster. I’m taking another blogging hiatus (This time on MY terms rather site downtime before I changed servers) so I can work out a schedule to get certain site stuff ready a week in advance, so all I have to do is make short videos to post alongside my usual blog posts. I’d been working on that plan prior to VIBC, and that will free my time up to finish drafting my next novel by summer’s end.
    On that note, I’ll stop here, and I’m glad you’re writing a new novel, I’m sure it’ll do better sales wise this time, ever since I heard that story on a previous podcast (I forget the number, it was a good episode, though) about how a real life story slightly mirrored the broadstrokes of your novel “The Curse of Addy McMahon.” I thought to myself, that’s a GREAT serendipitous marketing hook!
    If you ever get that book reissued, you’ll want to do a video of that story, I’m also going to tie some real life serendipitous things to my upcoming novel.
    Take Care,
    Taurean (Taury)

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