#94 – How to Promote Yourself as an Author & Other Questions Answered

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In this episode you’ll hear

Which is more important for promoting a new book and author: A blog or a website?
How do I create a Facebook Fan Page?
What are the most effective (and cost effective) ways of targeting my book to the right audience and getting it noticed?
How do I use my Facebook Author Page to link to my individual Facebook Book Pages (and vice versa)?
I have not even started a Facebook acct for myself due to all kinds of fears of liability (I am a teacher).
I do not know why anyone uses twitter…who cares if I had toast for breakfast? How do all these tools help me as a writer
How do I create a Facebook Fan Page? (Here is are the step-by-steps):

  1. Go to Facebook.com
  2. Enter the info (name, email, etc).
  3. Use letters, cases, and numbers for your password for best security. For example: ILOVeSCbWi2012
  4. Click create a page.
  5. Click “Artist, Band or Public Figure”
  6. Choose your category
  7. If you don’t have a Facebook account, fill in the info, confirm when you get the email.
  8. When you confirm, pick a bio photo and be consistent with your other social media.Play around, add other images and watch this video!

Recent Comments

  • Kirsten Larson
    May 2, 2012 - 3:04 pm · Reply

    Oh, I can’t wait to listen to this one (on the treadmill). Twitter is still a mystery. I think I’ve finally figured out @ versus #, but I still don’t know who can see what. Thanks Katie!

  • Nija
    May 15, 2012 - 9:23 pm · Reply

    Hi Katie, Lots of useful tweet info in this one – didn’t get to tweetchat for a while, so this was a good refresher, Thanks so much – Nija

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