A Reader's Question

Hi Katie,
I love your work. Both your poems and illustrations–I also love your many bios 🙂 Was wondering if you had time to look over my poems and ills on my poetry for kids site. There is roughly 30 poems, so you’re looking at a half hour total … I’ve been cartooning, writing and illustrating for a few years now and am just now getting my poetry “out there”. I would love your feedback if you have the time.
Thanks Katie!
Keep up the great work!!!
Joe Mohr
Hi, Joe,
Thanks so much for the kind words! I really don’t have time, but even if I did, the only time I critique work is when I’m on faculty at a writing conference, like the Highlights Foundation Founders Workshops or SCBWI. There are, however, many who do critiques. I don’t know what the going rate is these days, but I suggest you click on some of the links under Editors over there to the right. There are also people like my dear friend, the talented Esther Hershenhorn whom you should definitely check out.
Good luck!

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