Episode #4 Children's Book Promotion Part 2

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Show Notes Episode 4

Don’t forget that Lee Wind is running a  contest to win a code to get my app! It’ll be a random drawing from the suggestions I get for future episode subjects. As promised, I included a new Betsy bird review, Tortilla Sun by Jennifer Cervantes
-Suggestions? Complaints? Recipes for summer tomatoes? call 888-522-1929

We’re still talking Promotion and today I had a guest…author and illustrator Karen Romano Young. She talked about some of the promotion she’s doing for her new book Doodlebug like offering a pack of 10 postcards to stores and libraries, doing a video tutorial for Doodlewriting and getting bigtime authors to give her recommendation quotes for her site.

Author Betsy Franco called in aboutt something she’s done that I think is very smart – enlisting your co-writer or illustrator. She also talks about how going on a soap opera with her actor son, James Franco, helped her books. Yeah. Where can I get me one of those famous actor sons to promote my books?! 
I talked about reciprocity – SOCIAL media – talked about that in Part 1, too. I think everything is reciprocal. If I’m recommending someone’s book, I hope they’ll blog and tweet about their appearance on my show. I ask the people whom I promote to do their share – tweet about it, post on FB, etc. I comment on others’ blogs and hope they’ll comment on mine. Reciprocity is beneficial to everyone. 
Recap the checklist:
Get your illustrator to help with :
Cards – Bookmarks – Brochures
If you don’t have one, start a:
Web site – Blog – Blog tour
Remember to practice:
Reciprocity (on Fb, Twitter, etc)  
Go to and meet people, make connections at conferences 
Podcast – start one or be a guest on one (check out BlogTalkRadio)
Screencast tutorials – What do you know how to do well? Show it off!
Movies – make a movie that is related but not totally about your book. Make it fun. See my ALA movie?

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