Episode #3 Promotion Part 1

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Show Notes for Episode 3 – Promotion Part 1
There is way more in the podcast, even though this is my first “shortie” episode…I’m emulating the best – Just One More Book! They usually kept theirs to, at most, 15 minutes approximately, so I’m going to try to do that too even though I’m a total big mouth and it’s not easy!
I’m still learning my equipment, but this week is better than last! I figured out where that echo was coming from. What do you think? Is it better?
Lee Wind is hosting a contest as a kind nod to my new podcast! Thank you so much, Lee! The winner gets a code to download the iPhone/iPod app for the podcast (the episodes are free but the app is a paid app). Just submit a comment at his blog, suggesting a subject I should hit in a future podcast – as long as it has to do with kidlit – and you’re eligible to win a code to get my app for free. Get the details at his blog
This week is about – Promotion.  Promoting your book…and yourself – with an emphasis on not making a pill out of yourself! 
What is behind your promotion? With social media…social is the operative word and Amy Timberlake’s brilliant new blog, ShowandTellMe is a great example of that.

Also, if you’re faking it, or taking on friends just to get a big list, if your heart’s not in it, it’ll come off as false.  Reciprocity is key…
Tips to grow your mailing list:
– Always bring a guest book to your appearances
– Always ask if it’s okay to add someone’s email to your list
–  Collect biz cards (Dianne de las Casas told me about this great app: World Card Mobile that basically scans a card into your iPhone!)
Make cards with your book cover. Some great sites that will print for very little money are 4over4.com, 48hourprint.com, and willywalt.com – I’ve used them all and can recommend them. 

Make brochures, book marks, teacher guides, reader’s theaters, activities, popsicle stick puppets…
I’m going to try to do two more episodes done this week and I’ll include a message from Irene Smalls, who got promotion from American Express, and also input from Betsy Franco, who talks about how her actor son James Franco has helped her get some publicity love for her books… …don’t forget to visit  Leewind.org to win the code to get my podcast app!
Keep reading! 

And stay tuned for Betsy Bird’s exclusive audio review of Tortilla Sun in my next episode!

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  • Tracey
    February 15, 2012 - 9:03 pm · Reply

    I’m exploring your podcasts! <3 them!!! You are so generous. Learning lots and taking notes!!!
    You sound like a great person to know! *gosh I used a lot of exclamation points. Hahahahaha*

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