Episode #45 – Radio Cayman & Indie Marketing

In this episode you will get to listen to my and Jerry’s interview while we were in Grand Cayman, plus indie writer’s marketing questions answered!
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In this episode you’ll hear

  • Jerry and me talking to Sterling Dwayne Ebanks, host of the Radio Cayman talk radio show we went on
  • a Take5 Marketing tip from Dianne de las Casas. Subject: Plaxo
  • Two related call-in questions about marketing your independently published books (ebooks or paper). Thank you to Christopher Ouellette of Dancing Skunk Media and from an anonymous indie writer with traditional publishing experience! Things I cover are:
  1. Editing
  2. Amazon presentation
  3. Approaching indie booksellers
  4. Rhyming picture books – yes or no?
  5. Social media
  6. My webinar about promoting and marketing your books

Our TV appearance on Daybreak!
[yframe url='[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0qOuUTmj0E&feature=youtu.be’]’]
Helpful links (thanks to Loreen Leedy for some of these!)
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Pricing puzzler: Diane Duane finds e-book sells better at $4.99 than $1.99
A list of new books released on the Amazon Kindle in specific genres
The Case for Self-Publishing
Are Books An Endangered Species?

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