#92 – How to Speak Teens & Simon Jordan Interviews Me

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I have to remind myself that when I started the show there weren’t interviews in every episode. I was freaking out because I had no interview in the can waiting for an opening. So I’m posting this interview of me that Simon Jordan did for his podcast back in January.
In this episode you’ll hear

  • how to win a great prize package
  • Colby Sharp‘s fourth graders answering my big question
  • how to get involved in Celebri-Dots. Here is the Celebri-Dots poster. Here is mine:


  • thanks (by name) to my latest Facebook and Twitter friends
  • my daughter and niece talking in all the teen slang they could think of. See if you can follow what they’re saying via the translations, below!
  • Take5 Marketing Tip from Dianne de Las Casas: Texting
  • a review from Mr. Schu: Best Shot in the West by Patricia C. McKissack and Frederick McKissack

OD – too much
Hella – a lot
Yolked – buff
A minute – a long time
Days ago – a long time
Type – in the category of
Dgaf – don’t give a F
Yolo – you only live once
Brick – cold
tight – cool or stressed out
Drained – put in your place
Deaded – ignored or insulted
Slaps – music
Deadass – seriously
Steady Mobbin – going fast
HAM – Hard as a MF
Goon – doofus
Posted – chillin
Wack – bad
Guap – money
Made bank – made $
Dank – good or weed
Dip – leave
Cuddy low – secret spot
Go on a cuddy
Bad – hot (for a girl)
Slizard – drunk
Cooked – ugly
Shot- ugly
Hit- ugly
Mad – a lot
Dumb – really
Sick – awesome
Clutch – did it well
Dope – awesome
Legit – actually
DL – down low (secret)
In the cuts – in the middle of nowhere (west coast)
Beef – problem
Pinner – small (we got pinned – didn’t get Enuf of something)
Bammer – not good
Mad heads – a lot of people

Recent Comments

  • Jen Vincent
    April 18, 2012 - 10:38 pm · Reply

    I love your slang discussion! Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess comes to mind right away. Her purposefully wrote the book with his own made up slang so that his book would never be dated. He realized that he if he did use current slang, then it would be dated at some point. It’s an intense book but brilliant at the same time. I read it in high school for my Brit Lit class.
    Your dot is super cute. I agree. Love it. 🙂
    P.S. I’m north of Chicago!

    • katie
      April 21, 2012 - 3:21 pm · Reply

      Wow – I always say that, and in fact, said that in the podcast (maybe you listened and that’s why you said that?!!) And thanks re my dot. I have gotten such nice comments on it and frankly, never suspected that would happen! I appreciate it.

  • Kathy Rupff
    April 19, 2012 - 10:48 am · Reply

    Wow! Your interview with Simon Jordan was awesome!! I, too, am a late bloomer and a slow learning. Was great to learn more about you, Katie… and listen to Simon Jordan speak!!

  • Donna Gephart
    April 19, 2012 - 1:07 pm · Reply

    Katie, I listened to the conversation between your daughter and niece with my 17-year-old son. We laughed a lot because our son uses many of those words, like “yolo” and “HAM.” And he said he understood just about everything they said. That makes one of us! Thanks for the fun segment. Love your podcast every week!

  • katie
    April 19, 2012 - 1:43 pm · Reply

    Donna, I love that! They had such a hard time coming up with
    A conversation but every they’d be all over it!

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