#110 – Writer's Retreat and Peanut Free Zone

peanut free zone
Since my computer is on its last legs and I haven’t yet received the delivery of my new one, and it’s basically a ghost town everywhere, it being a holiday week or two…this is a brief podcast to catch you up on a few little things and that is about it. Unusual, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging!
I talk about

  • how, between my dying computer and these next two holiday weeks, I have a mini-show this week, and will be off next week!
  • an awesome writing renaissance retreat in Florence, Italy that you can go to (if you sign up soon)!
  • Peanut Free Zone
  • My Pinterest webinar is ready to go! Join my mailing list to find out when it’ll be happening!
  • the six week online course I’m creating is getting closer and closer to finish! It’s now called From Your Bean to the Screen: How to Take Your Ideas and Make a Great Video (again, sign up for my mailing list if you want to be kept informed on that)

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