Me on TV!

Well, I did it! I went on WTNH, the ABC affiliate in Ct. yesterday at the crack of 7:13. I set FOUR alarms, so worried was I, and thank God, because I slept through three of the four, awoke at 6:06, and managed to get dressed, fed, and make-upped by 6:25 when I left for the twenty minute drive into New Haven from where I was staying. If you want to watch the clip, it’s posted here. You’ll have to click the little red movie camera above the picture of the book.

And btw, I never would’ve worn those white pants had I known I wouldn’t be behind a desk, like my previous appearances! Way too blinding, so ARGH on that.

I just finished reading Richard Peck’s The River Between Us (Puffin, 2003). I really enjoyed it – he’s such a beautiful writer anyway – but was surprised at the few twists at the end. I’m such a naive reader, though, so maybe other grownups would’ve seen the mystery unfolding! If a book is well written I regress, and read as I did as a child, fully sinking into the story. I love that getting lost feeling, and always feel sad when I book I love ends. I think most readers feel that way, or at least, I hope so. It’s such a delicious feeling.

See you soon,

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