Pie Eating Contest

I completely forgot to blog about this! It is so quintessential summer, I have to tell you about this now। Where we live there is an annual community party, and this year, I was one of the organizers. We came up with the theme of Old Time Country Fair, so OF COURSE we had to have a pie eating contest. There were 12 homemade blueberry pies (OF COURSE blueberry – ideal for the mess factor) and 11 entrants. I warned them in advance that the prize was a really big bellyache, but for some reason that didn’t deter the kids. We hid a piece of Bazooka bubble gum in every pie, and put a ton of whipped cream on top. No hands allowed, and whoever found the piece of gum and blew a bubble was the winner. I couldn’t help thinking of the pie eating contest in Stephen King’s short story, Stand By Me, where everyone in the contest ends up spewing – no details necessary here. Suffice it to say I felt the greatest accomplishment of our contest was that one kid did indeed barf. Okay, okay, AND the fact that the contest became a pie-throwing contest.

See? I told you it was a perfect summer story.

See you soon,

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