WTNH Appearance from Sept.

I feel so badly for the overworked folks at WTNH! Yes, this clip is a month late because they have actual news to worry about,  so I wish I could extract the video for them and not be the obno monthly guest who whines for her clip every time she’s on! So I thank you, WTNH, again, for supporting literacy and giving me a stump from which to push my agenda – to get more great books into the hands of children.

I am pretty sure they’d get mad at me if I stormed the control room and grabbed whatever my latest clip is however! So even though this came out a month ago, I’m still putting it up here because it was kinda funny and I want the Brooke Jackman Foundation to get its props. Plus, my lovely sound dude, Ben, had to fix my mic on live TV and I couldn’t help but giggle so you can see me mess up on LIVE television.

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