Mango the Dog and MY LAUNCH PARTY!

I’m trying to write, but our seven-month-old puppy, Mango, is in my studio doing his new favorite thing to do. He has a big, hollow, heavy bone which we stuff with treats or cheese, and he picks it up and drops it. Loudly.

Here is a picture of him so you’ll now why I can’t ever get mad at him. He is the cutest dog on the planet.

The party for The Curse of Addy McMahon is definitely going to be held at Bank Street Books on May 1 from 5 – 7pm. They close at 7, so make sure you get there before that! Everyone is invited! There will be wine/cheese/treats and PRIZES! Very cool prizes. And FUN. A lot of that. So please come and help me hit my goal of at least 50 book-loving guests.

See you later,

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