Need a Last Minute Gift for Mom?

Writers are loving this video maker. To be clear – it’s not a video editor. It’s a video maker. Perfect if you need a last minute gift for Mother’s Day … especially if Mom is a writer! Check out how author Shonna Slayton used it to promote her YA, Cinderella’s Dress, a 1940’s Fairytale here:

Need a last minute gift for Mom? This is a great present! It’s unique, and if she’s a writer? Whooboy!
Here is what Ronnie said after he bought it:
Yesterday I told you that Tuesday at 3am EASTERN the guys who make VideoMakerFX are going to stop selling to new customers and when they reopen they’re going to change the price. It’s a selling tool, obviously, but it’s real.
This is a great application and I wouldn’t tell you if it were not: I spent my own money on it and more importantly, my time, which I can’t get more of! I love it. 

Now I’m offering a $97 bonus.

How do you get it?
When you buy VideoMakerFx a screen will pop up offering you other stuff.
One will be a membership so you can get new themes every month. The membership price is very low right now – I’m sure they’ll raise that up to (though that’s just a guess!) If, when you get VideoMakerFX, you choose to also sign up for their membership deal, you’ll get my entire How to Create Your YouTube Channel Package, plus my YouTube channel template, FREE. You can see the whole package (and that I get $97 for it) here in my Success Store
Here’s a link (it’s my referral link)
If you want to make animated characters, explainer videos, photo slideshows, whiteboard styles and tons more, get this quick. You can also…
– Fully customize the text and brand the video how you want it to look! Like Adobe After Effects but EASY.
– Add images, change around colors, apply beautiful backgrounds all, um, EASY. Did I say EASY? Oh, heh.
Right now it’s on sale during the launch but as I said above, they’re raising the price every day and then it’ll go waaaaay up. It’s drag and drop video creation … and you KNOW I think writers need to be creating videos! And this makes a great Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift!
So here is the video called How to Use VideoMakerFX – LIVE Demo

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